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Our nursery has a separate room for each age group - all with fully qualified staff

Quality childcare is dependent on quality staff and all our staff hold relevant childcare qualifications and are selected for their knowledge, experience and enthusiasim they can bring to the nursery.

We pride ourselves on having staff who are totally committed to continuity of care for children with many staff loyally working at Green Hedges for over 10 years.

Staff qualifications range from one Level 2 assistant to L6 graduate practitioner. We also have a trained SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator), ELLP (Early Language Leading Practitioner) and Pre school Level 1 gymnastics coach on board.


The child staff ratios as set by the Ofsted regulations for nursery aged children are as follows;


Age of Child

Staff –Child Ratio

Under 2 years 

1 : 3

2 years   

1 : 4

Over 2 Years

1 : 8


At Green Hedges we operate at more than the statutory minimum. With the manager, deputy manager and administration assistant being available over and above the statutory minimum requirements. We have lunch time assistants to support over the lunch period.

We have a Key Person system at our nursery, where each child has one member of staff who will take particular care of your child's day to day needs and understands their likes, dislikes and developing character. They will be your main key person who will help your child become settled and familiar with the nursery setting and to feel safe within it. Staff training is embedded in our practice with regular commitment to ongoing training and development for each member of staff.

Sweetpeas - Birth to 1 year (1 : 3)

Sweetpeas - Birth to 1 year (1 : 3)

Our baby room is as special as your baby. Calm and inviting we can look after your baby in our very well equipped room to cater for all their needs.

Activities such as music time, messy play, heuristic play, treasure baskets, and sensory lights are part of the experiences we offer.

Three babies are catered for with an experienced room leader with a family of her own.

Poppies - 1 to 2 years (1 : 3)

Our toddler room looks after up to 12 children per day and offers many play opportunities for their developmental needs. We have a kitchen area, messy play area and a large play area. Areas are designed to stimulate and inspire through the use of texture, light, and a climbing area to develop physical skills. We pay close attention to each child's phase of development and we are able to adapt the areas to meet their changing needs.

Sunflowers - 2 to 3 years (1:4)

Sunflowers - 2 to 3 years (1:4)

In our terrific two's room we look after up to 16 children every day and they have the use of two play rooms as well as access to outdoors. One room is for our messy activities: arts and crafts, sand/water play and play dough. Our base room includes areas like the home corner, dressing up area, construction activities, book corner and a mark making area. Our resident gold fish, Fish and Chips are cared for by the Sunflowers team (the children help too!).


We set up the room for the children to access the play equipment by themselves as we encourage independent play. Structured times led by staff include circle time activities where we also invite Mickey and Minnie (puppets) to help explain and promote positive behaviour.


The children will be able to explore indoors and outdoors throughout their day. Our outdoor facilities include the mud kitchen, mark making, trikes, and construction. The messy room boasts a small outdoor balcony for water and sand play.

Bluebells Preschool Unit. 3 to 5 years

Bluebells Preschool Unit. 3 to 5 years

Our bright and spacious preschool unit caters for up to 24 children between the ages of 3 and 5.


We provide the right balance of adult support and independent play experiences, especially designed to engage children at a stage when they are at their most receptive.


We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage incorporating the Letters and Sounds phase one programme in small groups. Preschool music and movement – Starfish mini gym sessions are held to build body confidence which supports areas of development such as mark making.


All our play areas are designed to help them gain the full benefit from a given activity. Special events are planned throughout the academic year which ends with our Leaver's Graduation and Summer Lunch.